Gifts for the bride and groom

We went to a beautiful wedding this weekend, and I thought I’d show you the gifts we gave the bride and groom. First we decided on this print of a photo edit I made a while ago, it’s a composition made from two different images that I have then manipulated and enhanced digitally. I had a test print made on beautiful Hahnemühle paper, and it was this print we decided to frame and give as a gift. Here’s how it turned out, I’m really quite happy with it.

@ Johanna Lundqvist Lawrence

This is the digital image the print was made from. And yes, it’s the same image I use as background for this blog. It’s  one of my favorite ones.

© Johanna Lundqvist Lawrence

This is how the paper print turned out framed. I’m very pleased with how the digital image turned out printed on paper, it looks a bit bluer in this photo, but it’s not, the print is very true to the digital colors. And yes, that is Your’s Truly you can see in the glass reflection. Oh well…

We also decided to gift the bride with a little extra something and I made a choker sporting a little heart locket. I think she really liked it as she immediately put it on right after opening the little parcel. This made me very happy of course, and she really looked lovely wearing it.

@ Johanna Lundqvist Lawrence

The choker is made from brass components, some vintage and some not.

@ Johanna LUndqvist Lawrence

This is the inside of the locket. I’ve added a little silver flower and also two little dragonflies on a chain. I put in the names of the bride and groom, but I hope the bride will add a photo of both of them later.

@Johanna Lundqvist lawrence

I like to make my designs full of surprises. I added a little extra heart pendant behind the locket, it won’t show when worn, but it’s there. And the wearer knows it, if no one else.

@ Johanna Lundqvist Lawrence

And last but not least, I finished off the extension chain with a little jingly bell and a tag with my maker’s mark. This is the first piece I’ve signed, but from now on I will sign all of my more special pieces.

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