1100? 1600? Same same but different.

I was just browsing web pages looking for inspiration when I suddenly found a photo from the movie Robin Hood (2010), it shows Eileen Atkins starring as Eleanor of Aquitaine. She looks beautiful, she really does, but what really caught my eye was her circlet. It reminded me something enormously of a necklace that can be found at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum here in Nürnberg. A necklace made in Nürnberg in the 16th century (or 17th century, I’ve got reliable sources for both dates) put together from many different kind of gemstones all chosen for their healing properties.

I had to browse through my photos from a visit to Germanisches a few months back, and yes, the resemblance is really striking. My guess is that someone made a beautiful replica of the German necklace, and I hope it was meant to be used in some period production (the right period for the necklace, that is). Then I imagine it has been kept in a prop box and when the Robin Hood film was to be made the costume designer and prop people thought it would work really well as a circlet too, which it does, I suppose, if you aren’t a jewelry history geek like me…

Movie picture from "Robin Hood" used for educational purposes, not my copyright.

It’s a really nice replica actually, I wish I knew where they got it from…

2 comments on “1100? 1600? Same same but different.

  1. Anja svärd
    October 18, 2012

    You are a nightmare for the costume departement! We always know that the audience contain people like you…
    It’s a matter of time and money (and sometimes ignorance).

    • johannalundqvist
      October 18, 2012

      Of course it is, and in this case I actually think it looks pretty OK, it’s just that I met this particular necklace in person so recently. And the necklace is actually a little atypical for it’s real period as well, or, I haven’t seen something quite like it in any pictorial sources, so it was DOUBLE bad luck for the costume department this time, that I happen to have the actual necklace available to me AND that I’m a jewelry geek who pay much too much attention to such details… 🙂 Nice to see you on my blog Anja, miss you. 🙂 ❤

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