Bridal crowns and tiaras!

Next year will be much about bridal jewellery and I thought I’d start it off with a photo cavalcade of some of my work so far. I’m happy to take orders from all over the world, and I will work with you until the design is exactly what you want. As you will see in the photos, I work in many different styles, so if you have an idea, just ask, chances are we can work out the perfect design for you, together. Your piece will be hand crafted and unique!

The easiest way to reach me is through my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/evajohanna.arts.crafts, or through this blog page.

Here are some of the of crowns and tiaras I’ve made through the years and also some happy brides. Enjoy!


This is Malin, the first bride I ever made a tiara for, there have been many more since. You will see her in other pictures below, as she has often been my model.


Little white velvet flowers, beautiful Swarovski crystals and antique faux pearls.

vit krona

A flower crown made from copper wire and acrylics.

add wedding catalogue

I have an add and an article in a German wedding catalogue for 2015. The wedding crown tradition is not as strong in Germany as in Sweden where I originally come from, but hopefully I will help boost the tradition.

roed blomma

This was originally made for an art exhibition, but it is still a fully functional wedding crown.

bridal portfolio3b

Sara wanted a medieval style fairytale crown, after working together I think we achieved it, don’t you?

bridal portfolio 10

Made from glass pearls and gold filled wire, this little lovely was made for a bride in the USA.

bridal portfolio5b

This bride was having a traditional Swedish wedding and was wearing traditional costume. I made this crown for her in sterling silver with little leaves that jingled as she moved, the shape and the leaves were a nod to the much larger crowns that has traditionally been worn with regional costume.


Medieval crowns for the medieval bride!

bridal portfolio 12a

Originally I made the flower wreath at the bottom right of the picture, but then I’ve made both tiaras and bun wraps in the same style. This is one of my most loved designs.


I often work with wire, copper, gold filled or sterling silver. Wire crowns and tiaras are wonderfully light and never gets uncomfortable. A good thing if you are going to wear them all day and night.

malin red flower tiara

Here’s lovely Malin again, wearing my own wedding tiara! I just love the bright coloured flowers.

bridal portfolio2

A matching set of tiara, necklace and a lapel flower for the groom.


The moonstone tiara, actually designed to echo the shape of the toy tiara the bride wore on her hen night.

bridal portfolio7a

Another wreath made of gold coloured copper wire and fresh water pearls.


Simple and sleek and with a touch of blue. For the modern bride.


Not everything are crowns or tiaras! You can also have flower decoration more or less elaborate that wind in and out of your hair.


A large flower wreath made to resemble bridal wreaths that was worn in 16th century Germany.

bridal portfolio 11

This is for a winter bride, not only a tiara, but a matching necklace and hair decorations.


“The Wings of Love” bandeau tiara, created for a 1920s style bride. And yes, this is Malin modelling it.

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